Knife Spiralling into Horror and Insanity
Spiralling into Horror and Insanity

Yami Shibai Season 2, Episode 3: Inside

littlelostdwarfstar: My friend and I just finished watching A Tale of Two Sisters and were really confused about a lot of stuff? We tried to find some sort of explanation online without much luck, so we were wondering what your interpretation is. The main things we didn't understand were the ghosts (ie. dream and kitchen sink) and the ending with the step mother getting attacked.

It’s a mixture of both psychological and supernatural horror actually.

Su-Mi (the older sister) felt severe anguish and guilt towards the death of her mother and younger sister — a death she could have prevented had she not fought with the step mother. Her mental instability caused by the accident resulted to her believing and imagining that her younger sister is still alive and the scenarios that her stepmother (who isn’t actually there) is abusing them <— which is the psychological side of it.

Through the course of the movie, ghosts of the mother and the younger sister were shown (the mother in the dream and the younger sister under the kitchen sink). This is the part where you get to question whether the supernatural side (the ghosts) really existed even after Su-Mi’s condition was revealed. It was only then when the step mother was attacked in the near ending which confirmed that their ghosts are real.


Junji Ito’s book signing event was held in ヴィレッジヴァンガード下北沢店 on 19 Jul 2014.

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OMG - kill it with fire.

feather-leather: FUCK! We're just two episodes into season two of Yami Shibai and I'm already scared shittless. ;A; Can't wait for more episodes to come! ;w;

Hopefully, something will top Zanbai and Contradiction soon!


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