Knife Spiralling into Horror and Insanity
Spiralling into Horror and Insanity


Horror Stories(2012)

Beginning directed by Min Kyu-dong

The Sun And The Moon directed by Jung Bum Sik

Terror Plane directed by Im Dae Woong

Kongji, Patzzi directed by Hong Ji Young

Ambulance directed by Kim Gok and Kim Sun

For those who sent me asks about this movie, you can watch it here.

Kouishou Radio Chapters 15-18

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my (almost) daily work doodle today is a little manga panel redraw

Counting the days until 2nd season of Yami Shibai airs.

weakwar: Your manga links have been my first real entry into manga. I've mostly just read Ito but am now a few volumes into Homonculus and am really impressed by it. Volume 5 was sort of not okay though.

Yeah, it gets more and more f*cked up the more you read on (cause the mc eventually spirals out of control). I like it better than Ichi The Killer, actually.

[x] Honto Ni Atta! Noroi No Video Vol. 56 (2014) 

HORROR STORIES 2 (2013) | Full Movie w/ English subtitles


Fuan No Tane Plus Chapters 34-39

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The fortune teller


One night, a young man was walking around town. He had been drinking with his friends and was a little bit tipsy. His gaze wandered around as he made his way through the streets, and his eyes happened to fall upon a man sitting at a table.

The man must have been about 50 years old, and he sat at a table reading a book. As the younger man stepped closer, he saw that there was a handwritten sign that read “Fortune Teller” on the front of the table and a crystal ball perched in front of the psychic. Half in curiosity and half in drunken jest, the young man sat opposite of the fortune teller.

“If I give you my little brother’s information, think you could give his reading for me?” The fortune teller set down his book and nodded. He then asked for some basic information regarding the young man’s brother—name, age, birth date, and a few other basic things. The young man wanted to test the psychic; he didn’t have a brother, he gave his own name and birth date, and he gave the age of 28 when in fact he was only 23. He barely repressed a smile as the diviner looked him in the eyes.

“So your brother is 28 years old? And you gave me the correct name and birth date?” The young man nodded, and the fortune teller passed his palm over the crystal ball. He seemed to be lost in concentration when suddenly his entire demeanor changed. The color drained from his face, and he immediately took his hand away from the ball and instead began leafing through several of the books that were piled up on the table. He broke out into a cold sweat and glanced at the young man doubtfully.

“I’m sorry, but is your brother in good health?”

“Uh, he’s fine, not that it’s any of your business.” The young man rolled his eyes, sure that the whole thing was a scam.

“Please… tell him to take care of himself.” He emphasized this several times before the young man began to grow fearful himself. He asked what was wrong, and the fortune teller gravely told him what the crystal ball had revealed. “According to what I saw, your brother should have died five years ago today.”